We are moving to 248 Main St We will open on January 2nd 2021
We are moving to 248 Main StWe will open on January 2nd 2021
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What We Offer

1. Gyoza (6)                    $6.95

6 fried chicken dumplings with house dipping sauce       

2. Beef Salad                                    $13.95

Beef, Lettuce, onions, beansprouts tomato, chili and lime sauce

3. Edamame                    $5.95

Boiled soybeans with sea salt                

4. Crispy Eggrolls                $6.95

Cabbage, carrots, noodles, wrapped & Served with sweet chili sauce.    

5. Chicken Thai Salad              $12.95

Chicken, lettuce, spinach, beansprouts, onions, carrots, tomatoes, egg, avocado, sesame seed, & peanut dressing.

6. Coconut Shrimp (6)                $8.95

6 Shrimp w/ shredded coconut with sweet chili sauce.    

7. Geso Karaage (fried squid tentacles)    $8.95

Seasoned Fried Squid tentacles.    

8. Spicy Hot Wings (6)            $8.95


9. Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen              $12.95

(Pork or Chicken) Rich pork broth flavored with soy sauce topped with pork loin chashu, egg, black mushroom, menma, sprouts, red pickled ginger & onions.

10. Miso Ramen (Pork or Chicken)  $12.95

Rich pork broth blended with a miso & garlic paste topped with pork chashu, menma, onions, & corn.

11. Shoyu Ramen (Pork or Chicken) $11.95

Soy sauce broth with pork chashu, black mushroom, menma, beansprouts, onions, & corn.    

12. Shio Ramen                    $11.95

Pork Chashu, and fish cake in vegetarian broth.


13. Spicy Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen $11.95

(Pork or Chicken) Rich pork broth flavored with a house blend of spices topped with pork chashu, egg, black mushroom, menma, sprouts, red pickled ginger, spinach, & onions.     

14. Tom Yum Shrimp Ramen      $14.95

Spicy Thai style Tom Yum with extra-large shrimp, mushrooms, sprouts, spinach & onions.     

15. Thai Spicy Noodle Soup          $14.95

Chicken, shrimp, sprouts, onions, egg, in hot & sour spicy soup. 

16. Chicken Pho                        $8.95

Chicken breast, rice noodles, sprouts, green onion, in broth. 

A1. Chicken Pumpkin Curry            $13.95

Kobuchi squash, bells, onions, broccoli, & basil in red curry.

A2. Spicy Eggplant                            $12.95  

Stir-fried eggplant, bamboo, bells, onions, basil in red chili.

A3. Kimchee Spicy Miso Ramen      $14.95

Pork, Kikurage, menma, corn, spinach, egg, kimchi, onions topped with shrimp tempura with spicy miso soup.    


Soda                            $1.50

Sweet Rice Mango   $7.95

Iced Tea                            $2

Singha/Sapporo             $5

Thai Tea with Boba   $4.50 

Hot Tea                       $1.50

Bottled Water           $1.50

Sierra Nevada           $5


Thai Dishes

17. Pad Thai chicken & shrimp       $11.95

Rice noodles, egg, green onion, beansprouts topped & lime. 

18. Chicken Pad Se Ew          $10.95

Wide rice noodles, carrots, broccoli & egg         

19. Chicken Drunken noodle          $10.95

Wide size rice noodles, broccoli, bell peppers, chili & basil leaves

20. Pad Gai (chicken)              $10.95

Wide size rice noodles w/ chicken, egg, & green onions.

21. Chicken Pad Kra Prow w/ rice $11.95

chicken, onions, bell peppers, chili & basil leaves.     

22. Chicken Fried Rice          $10.95

Fried rice with chicken, carrots, broccoli, & onions. 

23. Chicken Pad Prik Khing w/rice $10.95

Sautéed green beans with bells, & chili paste.         

24. Chicken Yellow Curry w/ rice      $11.95

Potatoes, carrots, onions, bells, & coconut milk     

25. Chicken Massaman Curry w/rice$11.95

Potatoes, carrots, onions, peanuts, coconut milk     

26. Chicken Khao Soi w/ egg noodles   $12.95

Steamed egg noodles, fresh ginger, fried onions, massaman curry, crispy egg noodles, & lime.             

27. Green Curry with rice                $11.95

Eggplant, bamboo, bells, and basil in green curry.    

28. Teriyaki Chicken with rice      $10.95

Grilled chicken with sliced cabbage, broccoli, sesame seeds, & sweet soy sauce.     

29. Yakisoba Chicken Noodle       $12.95

Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, & sprouts

30. Banh Mi Sandwich                 $8.95

Ham, mayo, cucumber, pickled carrots & Daikon root, cilantro, and jalapeno


Boiled egg   $2

Chashu-roasted chicken or pork      $3

Extra noodles, chicken, beef,

pork, shrimp, or tofu $2

Sticky  Rice  $3

Kikurage-black mushroom $1

Menma- bamboo shoots    $1

Extra Veggies                     $2

Extra Rice                           $2

Brown Rice                        $3



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COVID 19 Information?

During Covid-19, we will be doing to-go orders until state/county/city guidlines say otherwise, please wear mask to order and maintian social distancing, Thank you.

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